Nevarra ValenisEdit

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  • Human
  • Fighter (Hunter)
  • Lawful Good
  • 5' 8"
  • 142 lbs.
  • 24 years old


Nevarra is a human fighter who has spent much of her teenage and early adult years focusing on the art of the longbow, as well as a quest for justice and pursuit of her personal destiny, the destruction of the Cult of the Dragon.

Nevarra grew up in the small village of Winterhaven and was raised by her parents, Albin and Meryell Valenis. Both worked in a local tavern, Wrafton's Inn. Nevarra spent much of her youth playing with local children, especially boys, as she liked to fight and run much more than sew or clean. She loved her parents and knew nothing other than the simplicity of their lives.

This all changed, however, when her father was murdered in a late-night raid of Wrafton's Inn. Local authorities belived the raid to be part of a growing cultic activity in the town, led by a priest named Kalarel, who eventually attempted to summon the god Orcus in the old Shadowfell Keep just northwast of Winterhaven. Kalarel and his cultists were wiped out by a party of traveling adventurers, but Nevarra never got over the loss of her father. Her childhood play with boys was soon replaced with a brooding intensity and pursuit of weapons and fight training, in particular the longbow. As is the case with many things, Nevarra was determined to better all the boys with the bow, and once her mind was set on the task, she dedicated herself entirely to it. She is now easily one of the best young archers on the Sword Coast.

She also began traveling further and further from home, seeking out adventurers who would train her. Although she grew distant with her mother, she told her mother (and herself) she could only focus on one thing: avenging her father's death. She considered that her destiny, and became blind to nearly anything other than that one mission, which became increasingly romanticized and noble in her own mind.

Eventually, she met Ontharr Frume, a warrior and champion of good that also traveled up and down the Sword Coast. Ontharr took Nevarra under his wing and further trained her in fighting and hunting. He also turned her hatred of cults toward an interest in one particular cult: the Cult of the Dragon, a growing threat along the Sword Coast, and the apparent replacement for smaller cults like the one led by Kalarel that killed Nevarra's father. Nevarra became an ardent follower of Ontharr, as well as a student of dragons, all in an effort to further her knowledge of this Cult of the Dragon. She is now an expert on dragon lore, and seeks out cultists (and their leaders), bringing them to justice, whether that be arrest or death.

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