The party of adventurers (Andrew, Aust, Bleu, Dazo, Garrett, Lionel, Mateeko, Nevarra) marches toward the back of a chapel in the southeasternmost corner of Greenest, a town in flames and still under attack by kobolds, human cultists, and ambush drakes. They have the dead body of a dwarf barbarian hoisted upon their shoulders, and are pledged (loosely) to help Governor Tarbaw Nighthill protect Greenest and rid it of looters... as well as potentially deal with the large blue dragon still hovering just northeast of town.


With a dead dwarf on their shoulders, the party pushes into Greenest's chapel, hoping for refuge and a cleric that can heal the party's fallen companion. Unfortunately, the party is immediately pressed back into battle, as the chapel is under attack. A priest, Eadyon Falconmoon, suggests that he can raise the dead dwarf if the companions will help him repel the attackers and escort the refugees within the chapel back to safety in Greenest's central keep. After a lengthy assault by raiders, the companions do just that, using the old secret tunnel they cleared in Greenest in Flames to return the refugees and Eadyon to the keep.

Back at the keep, the party is immediately attacked by the large blue dragon. Most of the companions rush to defend the keep's walls (and quickly dying soldiers) while Eadyon begins a lengthy ritual to raise Wonder Woman from the dead. While attacks on the dragon are largely futile, several strong hits in sequence cause the dragon to retreat from the keep–although it is unclear whether the dragon was truly injured or just losing interest. Aust and Bleu also attempt to determine who is behind the raiders' attack, but with only limited success.

After a brief respite, Wonder Woman is raised by Eadyon. However, soon after, a sturdy, half-blue dragon–Langderosa Cyanwrath–marches up to the keep's front door and demands Greenest provide a champion. He has hostages in tow, as well. At Governor Nighthill's behest, the companions provide a champion: Dazo Ennazo. Although he falls–and falls quickly!–in battle to Cyanwrath's superior strength, the half-dragon honors his word and releases the hostages, takes his batallion, and leaves Greenest. The heroes finally rest, Dazo is healed, and the party prepares to follow the raiders, looking for answers as to what is happening, and why Greenest has been under attack.


Summertide (Flamerule) 15.

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