Wonder WomanEdit

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  • Mountain Dwarf
  • Barbarian
  • Neutral
  • 4' 6"
  • 162 lbs.
  • 52 years old


Wonder Woman was born in the mountain community of Eartheart, located in the East Rift of Faerûn. She grew up with her parents, Frunan and Cartagar Woman, a miner and stonemason (respectively) in the Eartheart community. However, when Wonder Woman was 37 years old, her parents went west, deep into the Underchasm, and never returned. They have been assumed dead ever since.

Womder Woman was adopted by the regent to one of the Deep Lords of Eartheart, Petkas Togarsaxe, and raised along with three other dwarf orpans, Norin OnyxarmThokul Spiritforged, and Fhaerris Battlebeard (a female!). The four grew up together, learning to fight, mine, and shape and work with stone. Wonder Woman became particularly close with Thokul, a bold and brave young dwarven warrior who was the equal of all three of his companions.

It was widely assumed by the denizens of Eartheart that one day, Wonder Woman would marry Thokul, and that Thokul would become a regent himself, pledging fealty to the dwarven god Moradin, and even taking his place among the Deep Lords. However, it was not to be. Wonder Woman longed for adventure, and while she loved her friends, his thoughts continually turned to exploring the world beyond the East Rift.

Shortly after Wonder Woman turned 51, a young half-elf monk and his hired guide passed through Eartheart after making the dangerous crossing through Underchasm from the Chondalwood. This monk--Leosin Erlanthar--seemed as anxious to see the world as Gragorn. Surprising even himself, Wonder Woman asked to join the monk and his guide, and left Eartheart under cover of night, telling nobody... even Thokul, who Wonder Woman knew would never approve of her wanderlust.

After nearly a year of traveling together across Faerûn, the Wonder Woman and Leosin have made their way northeast to the ever-active and adventurer-friendly Sword Coast. Along the way, Leosin saved Wonder Woman's life more than once–a debt that Wonder Woman has vowed a number of times to repay. Although Leosin has repeatedly said he needs nothing in return, he has developed a fondness and trust in the brash female dwarf. Recently, she took a traveling bodyguard job that has taken her up and down the Sword Coast, but has just received a brief message from Leosin... which directs her to Greenest, a small town just a day's journey away from her current camp.

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